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Hillwatch Government Relations concentrates on developing winning strategies, solving client problems and creating new business opportunities. We are trusted advisors and strong advocates who craft win/win solutions. Experience counts!

Policy Brief
Willful Blindness in Federal Budget-Making
The Federal Government has been on the debt track for most of the last 50 years. It is the inevitable consequence of a willful blindness built in the budget-making process coupled with a facility for ignoring the accumulating evidence.

Michael Chong’s Reform Act
Parliament and Democracy; What Mr. Chong’s bill does; Chances of passing and a Plan B..




Polling Station
One-stop round-up of polling results and data:
-New Quebec Poll Points To Shift Among Francophone Voters

Canadian Political Sources
Key politics & public policy resources & Canadian news


International Organizations
Key multilateral policy institutions in a global world

Think Tanks
Leading public policy research groups inside and outside Canada

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Selection Of Canadian And Other Political Blogs


US Politics
Politics & public policy resources on the world's number one super power

Washinton Brief
Latest political and trade intelligence from Washington

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