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Canadian Web Sites:
Aerospace Industries Association Of Canada
Air Transport Association of Canada
Airline Pilots Association
Association of Canadian Port Authorities
Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada
Association Québécoise du Transport et des Routes Inc.
Association of Regional Railways of Canada
Atlantic Canada Airports Association
Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association
Automobile Protection Association
Automotive Industries Association of Canada
Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute
Canadian Air Traffic Control Association
Canadian Airports Council
Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
Canadian Automobile Association
Canadian Board of Marine Underwriters
Canadian Bus Association
Canadian Business Aviation Association
Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators
Canadian Courier & Messenger Association
Canadian Federal Pilots Association
Canadians for Responsible and Safe Highways (CRASH)
Canadian Freight Forwarders Association
Canadian Industrial Transportation Association
Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation
Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association
Canadian Marine Officers Union
Canadian Maritime Law Association
Canadian Owners and Pilots Association
Canadian Shipbuilding Association
Canadian Shipowners Association
Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA)
Canadian Urban Transit Association
Centre for Sustainable Transportation
Chamber of Maritime Commerce
Electric Vehicle Association of Canada
Helicopter Association of Canada
Ontario Motor Coach Association
Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council

Railway Association of Canada
Recreational Aircraft Association of Canada
Shipping Federation of Canada
Transportation Association of Canada

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